NVC Workshops

Whereas Northcott Diagnostics Nonviolent Communication Sessions are one to one or for a couple of people, workshops are for groups.  (click on the NVC Sessions link for additional info)

Many of us may have been brought up where it’s normal to compete, judge, demand and diagnose, and to think and communicate in terms of what is right and wrong.  Feelings might be expressed in terms of what another person has “done to us”, absolving taking responsibility for those feelings (and by extension, making solutions harder to come by).

Also, there may be a struggle to understand what we want or need in the moment, and how to effectively ask for what we want without using demands, threats or coercion.  Needless to say, communicating this way can create misunderstanding and frustration, or simply keep us from getting what we want.

NVC helps to overcome this by focus on hearing the true needs of others with less effort, and asking for what we need in a realistic way.

Areas that are covered:

  • recognising language that absolves responsibility
  • separating observations from evaluations
  • distinguishing feelings from thoughts
  • clarity in making requests
  • making requests, not demands
  • listening with empathy (“don’t just do something – stand there.”)
  • the consequences of being indirect, i.e. being passive aggressive

And, importantly, using NVC verbally and when it’s more appropriate to think through the process silently.

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The description above (and the workshop) is based on the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg and the Center for Nonviolent Communication  www.cnvc.org