About Northcott Diagnostics

Northcott Diagnostics was founded by Sue Haritou to provide personal and business coaching services from a different perspective.

Sue’s approach is different because it comes from a life-long wish to understand human beings, their evolution, culture and behaviour.  She has a professional business background but also degrees in Archaeological Science and over 20 years amateur and professional research into understanding human and animal body states, health and behaviour.

Through Northcott Diagnostics, Sue specialises in whole person life coaching and business and executive coaching and mentoring.  She has over 970 hours coaching experience in senior job roles across varied industries.

An experienced trainer and presenter, Sue will tailor individual sessions, group sessions, workshops or presentations to suit your requirements.

  • Member of the Association for Coaching.
  • Exclusive coach for the AB postcode for Office Essential, a company supporting business start-ups.
  • Validated tutor providing coaching sessions via French portal, SuperProf.
  • Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.
  • Invited by the East Midlands Development Agency (RDA) to advise UK Government via contribution to the McLeod Review for the Secretary of State (employee engagement to enhance organisational performance).
  • Invited by BioCity Nottingham to represent the science park community (as someone successful in making new research/innovations commercially viable) during a visit from Kathleen Sebelius (then Governor of Kansas, who became the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services for President Barack Obama).
  • Invited to be a panel member for the BioCity Nottingham Bio-entrepreneur School answering questions from PhD students/graduates looking to commercialise their research through starting a company: test-tube.org.uk/videos/pages_sue_bio_entrpreneur.htm.
  • Received the British Equestrian Trade Association International Award for Innovation and the Sneinton Business Forum Award for Innovation for veterinary products, as the inventor, founder and Managing/Technical Director of a high growth start-up.
  • Example of a published study to help sick horses: August 2008: Haritou SJ, Zylstra R, Ralli C, Turner S, Tortonese DJ. (2008) Seasonal changes in circadian peripheral plasma concentrations of melatonin, serotonin, dopamine and cortisol in aged horses with Cushing’s disease under natural photoperiod. J Neuroendocrinol 2008; 20(8): 988-996.
  • Author and co-author of articles in professional publications such as Absolute Horse and Horse and Rider magazine, the Veterinary Review,  Equestrian Business Monthly and Over the Counter.

Sue is Disclosure Scotland (PVG) checked and has no criminal record.