Don’t Look for Pity When Looking for Work

“Low energy, bitter, sad, and angry job candidates need not apply.”

Spirit crushing disappointment, as job application after job application is either not answered, or returns a terse, “another candidate is better suited” reply…

Two years of spending every day, like a work day, applying for jobs at half your previous salary…

Being made redundant after 30 years with a company and left competing with graduates in an ageist job market…

Just some of the real life situations for real people that I know about.

However, in this article from Gina Barreca,

“…Eggers’ experts say that those doing the hiring “want people who project a good, can-do attitude, and who will be energetic and excited about the position.””

Do have a couple of short sentences explaining any career breaks, gaps in your work history, or why you’re applying for a job at a lower level.  And frame it positively (the employer might like having a well qualified person for less than the market salary).

But, be careful about anything that might imply self pity or that you’re a victim.