I Wanna Be Sedated! (Escape from Uncertainty)

A new day, a new year.  People making plans, looking to be “positive” and make changes.

Life’s an R&D Project – it seldom goes to plan.  Make plans, take action, everything goes to Hell and then you improvise.

This isn’t fun for many people.

Oliver Burkeman in The Antidote*, “What motivates our investment in goals and planning for the future, much of the time, isn’t any sober recognition of the virtues of preparation and looking ahead. Rather, it’s something much more emotional: how deeply uncomfortable we are made by feelings of uncertainty. Faced with the anxiety of not knowing what the future holds, we invest ever more fiercely in our preferred vision of that future — not because it will help us achieve it, but because it helps rid us of feelings of uncertainty in the present.”

My suggestions instead of resolutions?  Broad plans, longer term.  Some specifics short term.  But work on one day at a time and modify your plans as often as necessary.  Try to work with uncertainty, because one of the certainties of life is change.

Yes, have goals, but don’t fixate that they are the only goals and there’s just one way to reach them.

(*The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking)