This is a coaching site, what has pre-diabetes to do with anything?!

Energy.  Mood.  Motivation and drive.  Performance from physical and/or mental standpoints.  To name but a few.

I think this topic affects a lot of people!  It’s something I’m passionate about because my Father died from complications of Type II Diabetes.  The disease compromised his health and performance at work with increasing severity over 15-20 years.

However, there’s evidence out there that my Father’s condition may have been reversible if he changed aspects of his diet before his organs became severely damaged.  And not in the way you’d expect from the medical advice of the last 40-odd years!  Some eminent scientists and researchers now challenge the dogma of, “eat less, move more”, “a calorie is a calorie” and that complex carbohydrates and whole grains are good for everyone!

There’s good scientific research that many people may be going through each day in a state of health that’s below their best and which could eventually lead to ill health.  The data have been available for many years but only via the freedom of information via the Internet has it been possible for an average person to read the research and challenge the idea that, “you get old, you get diseases, you die” and we can do nothing about it.

What if you could have the knowledge to be able to change not only feeling better and having more energy today, but lessening the risks of a variety of “diseases of aging”, e.g. metabolic syndrome, Type II Diabetes, strokes, heart attacks and possibly cancer?

Sounds like quackery or a pharmaceutical company sales pitch, doesn’t it?

Don’t believe  the naysayers Dear Reader, read on…

I’m a bit late with this but there was a special offer for World Diabetes Day, 14th November, on  (be aware that the price increases from the original offer, each day, from the 14th Nov).

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