You want information:

accurate, useful, without delays

SeeHear InfoSystems focuses on making that information available so your business can gain most value from it.

Why use SeeHear?

You want to utilise the environment you have, not be sold a ‘better’ solution –
For right now, the company wants to realise return on investment for the up-front costs of its ERP system.

But consultants who can create the reports you want are scarce and high cost…
(there are a lot more programmers out there than experts in Visual Studio, SSRS report design, and the Dynamics AX database structure)

and with 4 key areas in (Dynamics AX 2012) Reporting and Analytics:

Programming in the SSRS Environment;
Building On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) Cubes;
Managing Ungoverned Data in Excel;
Putting Views Together in Power BI;

which is/are the most suitable for your company?

Business consultancy joined with coding skill – cost matters –
We’re here to help, by understanding your business requirements and meshing that with coding expertise to get the information you need.  We work with individuals and teams, suggesting effective courses of action and customised solutions, making sure strategic focus isn’t lost.

Specifically, by understanding the internal structure and relationships of (potentially) over 6,000 tables, we bypass:

the limitations of creating reports within Dynamics AX,
the security and version issues with Excel,
and the maintenance issues of Power BI,

via your SSRS and SQL Server architecture, creating reports customised to users’ requirements.

This is important because:

  • Software add-ons to create reports don’t interact with and guide your users to the most salient data for their work.
  • Although Dynamics AX has SSRS as its “built in” reporting environment, the standard reports are basic and may be missing that one piece of data crucial to the business making best use of the report.
  • Your Dynamics AX Partner may have added customisations specific to your business.  Often, their focus is on process and data flow between modules, as opposed to any impact on reporting.
  • The data objects provided by Microsoft within Dynamics AX have limits in what can be achieved.  They may not give you the report you want.  (We’ve often been asked to mimic a standard Dynamics AX report but add one or two columns.).  It tends to be quicker (cheaper to develop) and gives greater flexibility to design SSRS reports outside AX.
  • Without the customised reports users need to do their jobs multiple versions of information may be created where only an individual and their team have visibility of any particular version.
  • If business processes change, it’s not ideal to have to change many individual views created by PowerBI users, instead of changing a report in one place.

We’ll help you move forwards effectively with the best use of budget.

Information accessibility –
It can be frustrating to have a huge store of data that is either inaccessible or under utilised.  We can work with your team/s, departments and branches to implement new and/or better ways to interact with the data.

Performance is a big deal to us –  
Waiting for critical reports can be a real bugbear.  Whilst we can’t control everything that may affect report performance, we can often find ways to get that report that takes 5 or 10 minutes down to seconds to return results.

Support & maintenance –
We will not walk away once the job is done. With many years’ experience of IT Customer Service, we take pride in contented customers.